NASA has called upon students across the US to develop ideas for a user interface for augmented reality. The goal is to make astronaut's tasks easiear while they perform EVA (Extravehicular Activities) at the space station. However, these ideas will go on to be used in missions in the future as humans go on to explore new frontiers such as the Moon and Mars.

Microsft's Hololens


The technology behind Mirosoft's Hololens is what is driving this challenge. The Hololens opens the door for digital object to intersect with our reality. NASA wants to use this technology to make space missions for astronauts easier. RCC has already funded the team with a commercial and developer editions of the Hololens.

Team Syrus

Team Syrus is a team based in Riverside that is composed of students from Riverside City College's ACM Club, software developers attending RCC, and student from Norco College.


Riverside City College

Team Syrus would like to thank RCC for supplying our team enough funding to allows us to participate in this contest.