"The student-designed visual display and audio environments will present information to aid astronaut subjects in performing simulated Extravehicular Activity (EVA) tasks."

Three parts to the process



The idea comes first, however, it will be developed even further as the project develops. This involves putting together what we learned about user interfaces and how to implement them in 3D environments.



Our Team is composed of talented software developers ready to create functioning software. We are developing software utilizing C#, Visual Studio, and Unity.



It is important that we test not only if our sofware works but as well as out ideas. This part of the project will send us back to developing better ideas and software.

The New Age of User Interfaces

We are entering a new era of software as augmented and virtual reality technology is developed. Design standards for the 3D software environment is still being discovered. The primary goal is to aid in this discovery in order to assist NASA in developing interfaces for their own missions.



Our team is committed to taking full advantage of this learning oppurtunity to study principles of design, user interfaces, and user experience. We hope to discover the fundamentals of designing 3D user environments.


We believe it is important to showcase our efforts to our community. That is why we have already planned out several events that our team will be attending to educate and inspire those in our community. Follow us on social media to stay updated about upcoming events.